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BMW M3 CS: A car that stands for performance. And if you like performance, we have a few tools to help you improve your performance outside of your car.

8 July 2020


TRX suspension trainer

When it comes to fitness advice, you can trust a Navy Seal. Randy Hetrick developed TRX during his time in the Navy due to a lack of training equipment. The first prototype, built using a jiu jitsu belt and parachute webbing, enabled him to keep working out while away from the gym. It is one of the hardest and most effective training systems in the world.


Training mask

Training masks help improve your workout by simulating a higher elevation. As a result, your respiratory muscles are also challenged during your work out. Considering that this muscle group is needed for every kind of sport, the mask can benefit any athlete.


Weighted sleds

Weighted sleds are a drag – literally. Weights are piled on top of the sled and then pushed or pulled. The devices help concentrate your workout on leg power and conditioning. Sleds are an important tool in training for sports like American football, basketball and marathon running.


Ultimate Fighting Machine

The Ultimate Fighting Machine is something like a punching bag that hits back. The device fully replaces a sparring partner. It offers unlimited options, and it can be set according to difficulty and strength level. The first customisable sparring partner.


Battle Ropes

When you first look at Battle Ropes, you see nothing but two normal ropes. But they’ll earn your respect after just 40-50 seconds of training when you feel completely worn out and exhausted. The ropes use simple exercises to build power, mass, balance and core stability. Perfect for a fast, but hard workout.

There’s no good exercise without a goal. So we’ll be happy to give you one: Make sure all eyes move from your BMW M3 CS to you when you step out of it.


The new BMW M3 CS.

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