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Your car is your castle? The road is your passion? With our tips and tricks around road trips, everyday driving and special excursions, we take you on a journey for your ears and give you new ideas.

15 June 2021

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#045 Convertible roadtrips to get you dreaming

Few things are better than a beautiful road and a perfectly matched car to enjoy it. And even though convertible season is over in most parts of the world, it’s never the wrong time to get dreaming about the next great vacation drive. And possibly book a flight and rent a convertible.

So join us in this episode of Changing Lanes, the official podcast of BMW, for a quick trip to Australia, Italy, and many places more, in which we give you 8 ideas for epic road trips. Oh and they aren’t convertible-only, so if you prefer a roof over your head or you’re a motorbike enthusiast, that’s fine for us as well.

#043 Urban kayaking

City trips can be exhausting. Especially if you’ve been walking all day through London, Paris and co. But you can explore some of the most beautiful sights of a city without aching feet - thanks to urban kayaking. In this episode of Changing Lanes, the official podcast from BMW, you can find out why you should fit a kayak roof rack for your next vacation, and which water routes are the most beautiful.

#041 Quiz: What do you know about Christmas traditions from around the world?

Christmas Eve is just around the corner. The presents are bought and the cookies are baked. Whether Santa Claus, Sinterklaas or Father Frost - the man with the white beard is represented in many cultures. We have looked into less common Christmas traditions and prepared a quiz with curious facts for you. Guess some unusual, spooky and festive traditions from all over the world with us, in this Christmas episode of "Changing Lanes", the official podcast of BMW.

#038 Iphone as a car key

Imagine you come back from shopping, pull out your iPhone, and your car opens. No more searching for your car keys. You start your car easily via app. What sounds like a dream of the future is already a reality: the new cooperation between Apple and BMW is making life easier for many BMW drivers. In this short episode of "Changing Lanes", the official podcast of BMW, you can learn how to share your BMW Digital Key with up to five friends, open your car with your Apple Watch, and find out about the security of the digital car key.

#033 How to winterize your car

The snow glistens in the cold, you have had your first coffee in the comfort of your own home and get into your car to drive to work. But… it won't start, the battery has run down. Missing car checks in winter, no winter tires or incorrect headlight settings can endanger your drive. In this episode of "Changing Lanes", the official podcast of BMW, we give 11 tips and tricks on how to winterize your car, so that nothing stands in the way of your romantic winter drive.

#032 Traveling with dogs done right

Transporting a dog in your car isn’t always easy. They whine, they yap, and sometimes they throw up before you've even fastened your seatbelt. Our host Jonathan is a passionate dog owner, and has had his fair share of (bad) experiences — so he and Sara came up with 7 golden rules to make driving with dogs a walk in the park. So hit play on this episode of Changing Lanes, the official podcast of BMW, to hear our 7 tips to safely and comfortably transport your dog in the car.