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An audio series with true pioneers -

In THIS IS FORWARDISM, we and our guests take you on a journey through time. You can look forward to stories for those and about those who move like water, bring change like the wind, and rise again and again like the sun itself! 

27 May 2022

In our audio series THIS IS FORWARDISM we talk to creative minds with the collective mindset to shape what’s next. Designers, artists, entrepreneurs, social leaders – people who are stepping up and moving our world forward. Together with them we’re trying to put pieces together to create a picture of the future and we want to know what the term Forwardism means to them. 

One new episode each week, one new guest each week, and one step forward each week. Get ready for a journey through time. Tune in.



Yomi Adegoke is a multi-award-winning journalist and author. She writes about identity, feminism, popular culture, society, and politics. She has worked for “ITN”, “Channel 4 News”, “Vogue”, “The Guardian”, and “The Independent”, among others, and was a “Featured Honoree” on the 2021 “Forbes 30 Under 30” list. Yomi is shaping a new generation and has often been called a pioneer in recent years. In 2018, she co-authored the book, “Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible”, with author Elizabeth Uviebinene, for which she received the Groucho Maverick Award. She is currently writing her debut novel “The List”, which is due for release in 2023. Yomi Adegoke is a thought leader and embraces Forwardism in her own way.

FORWARDISM #01 | Dian-Jen Lin fights climate change with living textiles | BMW Podcast

What if your clothes could photosynthesize and release oxygen? Difficult to picture? Then we’ll help your imagination run wild. In the first episode of THIS IS FORWARDISM, our host Yomi Adegoke talks with a creative multitalent: Dian-Jen Lin. Dian-Jen Lin has already showcased her ideas in many creative areas. Nowadays, she is a designer, researcher, scientist, and artist. Together with her colleague Hannes Hulstaert, she founded Post Carbon Lab, a transdisciplinary design research and development company. They bring clothing to life with their Photosynthetic Coatings™ approach. Intrigued yet? Press play and hear what drives Dian-Jen and how she sees the future of textile production.

Tune in to find out what Forwardism sounds like. Want to know what Forwardism looks like? Click here and experience a new dimension of luxury with the BMW i7.

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This article is part of our series THIS IS FORWARDISM. These are stories for those and about those, with the collective mindset to shape what’s next. For those committed to tomorrow, restlessly striving for more. Not only enriching themselves but enriching those around them. For those with progressiveness as their natural state.  Forwardism is the joy of seeing and feeling the future before it’s been created and continually challenging convention to push for certainty of a better experience when we get there. It means questioning convention today to ensure lasting joy tomorrow, and beyond.

Author & Producer: Julia Niedermeier; Art: Lucas Lemuth, Madita O'Sullivan, Caroline Wabra; Sound: David Georgos Koulakiotis, Henrik José