La Habra Amtrak Station

La Habra, CA, April 1, 2011 / –– Park your gas guzzling car and ride Amtrak. Here are directions to the La Habra Amtrak Station…

La Habra, CA / –– Ever think about hopping aboard a shiny Amtrak train and commuting to work, taking a vacation or just rolling along for a few hours? Well, your in luck! All you have to do is go to the La Habra Amtrak Station, buy a ticket and, once your train arrives, leave the driving to Amtrak. They will get you there, usually on time and provide a little luxury while doing it.

The seats are comfortable and compare to first-class seats on major airlines. Amtrak trains also have a Cafe Car where food, snacks and beverages can be purchased. A Business Class car is also available and features even more comfortable seating, a fold down desk and Internet connectivity for those who want to use their commute time productively. For those folks traveling across country, roomettes and sleeping accommodations can make an extended trip even more comfortable

If you think riding Amtrak is for you, hop in your gas guzzling SUV or catch an OCTA bus and take a short ten minute drive to the Amtrak Station at 120 E Santa Fe Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832. Built in 1930 by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway the station features Mission Revival-style architecture and is on the National Register of Historic Places

Hey, wait a minute! That address is in Fullerton.

That’s right, the La Habra Amtrak Station is in Fullerton, California. Just Google “la habra amtrak” and you’ll see what I mean.