Vietnam Vetrans Wall Preparations

La Habra CA ( Junel 27, 2013 — Bring your American Flag and join the rest of us as we stand along the route to welcome the Vietnam Memorial “Wall that Heals” to the City of La Habra

La Habra CA ( June 27, 2013 — Our great Los Angeles County firefighters that protect the city of La Habra were spotted recently doing some community service work. No, they were not changing light bulbs in the traffic lights at the intersection of La Habra Blvd and Idaho Street. And, no they were not rescuing someones kitten from a nearby telephone pole.

Turns out, they were checking things out on the route that the traveling Vietnam Memorial “Wall that Heals” will take as it passes along Idaho Street on it’s way to La Habra High School, while it is in the City of La Habra July 10th thru 15th.


On Wednesday, July 10th, a caravan of motorcycle riders and traffic control officers will escort The Wall on it’s route from the 57 freeway, West on Imperial Highway, then North on Idaho Street to La Habra High School, where it will be open to the public and on display 24 hours a day, beginning Thursday, July 11th through Sunday, July 14th.

Bring your American Flag and stand along the route with us to welcome the Wall to our community.

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