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HYPNOPOLIS – the thrilling sci-fi podcast series:

Experience the first ever fiction podcast series from BMW. During six exciting episodes with a playing time of 120 minutes, the international production takes you on a thrilling adventure into the year 2063. Journalist Hope Reiser is woken from a thirty-year sleep penalty she has served for the murder of her husband. But she is convinced of her innocence. During her stasis, she has barely aged and now has to find her way in this completely alien future, fighting for her past!

1 December 2021

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Welcome to the year 2063. Listen to the HYPNOPOLIS trailer here:

Get ready for a brand-new futuristic world full of intrigue, chases and surprising twists in the BMW Original Podcast HYPNOPOLIS. A sneak preview awaits you in our audio-trailer.

When Sound becomes Design – The HYPNOPOLIS Design Sketches.

The HYPNOPOLIS Design Sketches show a "Pod" that initially existed only on the audio track of the podcast. Inspired by HYPNOPOLIS and the soundscape of a city in 2063, Tianyuan Li, responsible for innovative exterior design at BMW i, created his very own vision of future mobility. Not only did digitalisation and autonomous driving have a major influence on the design, but also characters, dialogues and emotions. The results are design sketches of a "Pod" that are as minimalistic as abstract, or as Tianyuan Li describes it: "a brand-new species."

1 / 3
To achieve a more minimalistic design, the wheels are flat with an integrated BMW logo as a pattern.
2 / 3
The future will be more digitally driven and highly intelligent, so the "Pod" uses a side screen to exchange information and communicate with us humans.
3 / 3
The light band on the rear, semi-translucent material, and the enclosed surface are inspired by futuristic architecture. As a result, the exterior of the "Pod" fits perfectly into a metropolis of the year 2063.

From building cars to building worlds – behind the scenes of the BMW Original Podcast HYPNOPOLIS:

The link between the thrilling sci-fi podcast series HYPNOPOLIS and BMW may not be obvious at first glance. That's why the first episode of our three-part mini documentary report features some of the people behind HYPNOPOLIS who will reveal more about the background of the project to you – including the writer Robert Valentine, the producers Kristian Nord and Malte Hagemeister, BMW mobility researcher Maik Schwalm and BMW managers such as Jörg Poggenpohl, Global Head of Digital Marketing BMW.

BMW as a brand has a tradition of telling exciting and emotional stories. The most shining and internationally honoured examples of this are the short film series ‘The Hire’ or ‘The Small Escape’. With our podcast HYPNOPOLIS we now open the next chapter: movies for your ears!
Jens Thiemer

Senior Vice President Customer & Brand BMW

A journey to Arcadia – behind the scenes of the BMW Original Podcast HYPNOPOLIS

In episode two of our three-part mini documentary, the team behind the HYPNOPOLIS podcast gives deeper insights into the Story and its origins. Writer Robert Valentine introduces us to the plot. Charlotte Taschen, the voice artist of Hope Reiser, Lin Gallagher, the voice artist of Maude McNulty and Lamel Dixon, the voice artist of Leon Scopes, talk about their roles. And executive producer and composer Nick Nowottny shows us a special version of the title theme "Diamond Sky" in his studio.


Our heroine Hope Reiser is a new arrival in the futuristic world of HYPNOPOLIS, and she and the audience explore it together.
Robert Valentine

Writer and director

A vision of the future - behind the scenes of the BMW Original Podcast HYPNOPOLIS

Despite all the dangers that the heroine Hope Reiser encounters on her adventure, the science fiction thriller HYPNOPOLIS paints a positive picture of the future. Charlotte Taschen, the voice artist for Hope Reiser, and author Robert Valentine explain the role of mobility using the example of a high-speed chase. Also, in part three of our mini documentary: Zana Koval, Head of Sales and Marketing BMW Welt, shows us her workplace and sound designer Michael Ferdie talks about the sound of metropolises in the year 2063.

This story says, it’s going to be much better when technology takes over, because then everything is driven by logic rather than by egoistic human beings.
Kristian Nord

Producer California Music

HYPNOPOLIS episode 01: Woken – A BMW Original Podcast

Woken from her thirty-year sleep penalty, Hope Reiser struggles with the physical and psychological consequences of her long stasis. Having no friends or family left, she visits a rehabilitation group and tries to catch up on the current state of technology and society. But though her parole conditions prohibit her from investigating, she has an urgent need to find out what really happened three decades ago. Unable to let the past stay buried, she makes a decision that may threaten her very existence.

HYPNOPOLIS episode 02: Insomnia – A BMW Original Podcast

Hope gets a visit from a familiar face from her past: Detective inspector Maude McNulty, the police officer who arrested her thirty years ago. Giving vague explanations, she presses Hope to drop her investigation. And despite being constantly under surveillance, Hope has a growing fear that there is someone else out there watching her.

HYPNOPOLIS episode 03: Nightride – A BMW Original Podcast

Returning to her apartment late at night, Hope has a terrifying encounter. And just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, she finds herself in the middle of a hair-raising high-speed car chase through nocturnal London, with a mysterious stranger in the passenger seat and the police close on their heels.

HYPNOPOLIS episode 04: Disorder – A BMW Original Podcast

Blindfolded, Hope is taken to the headquarters of the cyberterrorist organisation known as the “Rapid Eye Movement”. But as she learns more about the astonishing truth she was never able to reveal before her stasis, a much more gruesome enemy appears on the scene. And very soon she is standing with her back to the wall at the centre of a heated battle for life or death.

HYPNOPOLIS episode 05: Arcadia – A BMW Original Podcast

Still affected by the recent events and haunted by the police, Hope sets out to infiltrate Arcadia, the most advanced city on planet Earth. Her dangerous mission targets the heart of the artificial intelligence called “The System”. But despite any amount of careful plannig, nothing in the world could have prepared Hope for the shocking encounter that awaits her.

HYPNOPOLIS episode 06: Rise and Shine – A BMW Original Podcast

When Hope finally takes a stand against her adversary, all seems lost. But the showdown is not just between the two of them. And as events take an unexpected turn, everybody has to choose which side they are on. Ultimately, Hope realises that a happy ending is just a matter of perspective and summons all her courage to shape her own version of it.

Enjoy the HYPNOPOLIS Soundtrack

The year 2063 with a touch of the 80s – the world of HYPNOPOLIS is brought to life by the original soundtrack. One example is the title track “Diamond Sky”, which you can listen to right here. We have arranged a playlist for you with the best numbers from the HYPNOPOLIS original soundtrack:

HYPNOPOLIS Bonus Scenes – A BMW Original Podcast

You just can't get enough of HYPNOPOLIS? Extend your fun with unexpected insights into the lives of Hope, Leon, and McNulty. Each bonus scene contains valuable information for those who listen closely. Enjoy!


What will the city of the future look like? How will we live and move around? Questions like these and many others will be discussed at the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt. It will become a meeting place and dialogue platform for anyone interested as well as the achievers of tomorrow. Visitors to the BMW Welt will gain an insight into ideas, concepts and technologies that will define urban life of the future.

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