The immersive in-car experience

The all-new BMW iDrive

The new generation of BMW iDrive takes the interaction between driver and vehicle on a new level. A user experience based on natural dialogues and functions tailored to needs and preferences with an interface that is aesthetically pleasing, rich in detail design, and fits in neatly with the geometric structures of the analogue elements.

25 August 2021

Floating boundaries between digital and analogue worlds

The pure, reduced design of BMW iDrive plays a particularly prominent role to create an in-depth and personal relationship between the driver and their vehicle. The interaction becomes a unique experience in which the boundaries between the digital and analogue worlds melt away. Clear interior design structures are reflected in the graphical user interface of the BMW Curved Display, which is harmoniously integrated into the cockpit area so it almost looks like it is floating. Strong and eye-catching graphics, modern colours, futuristic textures and forms, bright light and the interplay of reflections create an impressive and immersive visual appearance.

The right information in the right place at the right time

The “Act, Locate and Inform” principle ensures information is distributed clearly and screen redundancy is avoided. It perfectly coordinates content between the BMW Curved Display and the BMW Head-Up Display and makes sure the driver is only provided with relevant information. The BMW Head-Up Display uses optimised graphics and additional design content to enhance the driver orientation. It supports the driver with certain instructions (Act). The BMW Curved Display groups together the information display and control display and is ergonomically angled towards the driver, making the intuitive touch control even more straightforward. While the information display supports with further driving relevant information (Locate), the control display provides the driver and front passenger with an overall picture and additional functions (Inform).

An all-encompassing driving experience for the senses

The new My Modes ensure an all-encompassing user experience geared towards the driver’s personal preferences, creating unique moments for both the driver and their passengers. My Modes are designed to stimulate multiple senses, from sight to hearing to touch. They will neatly combine up to ten different parameters in the vehicle and are activated with a single command. The Efficient Mode is clearly focused on sustainable driving and configures the vehicle to keep consumption as low as possible including tips by the intelligent Efficiency Trainer. By contrast, the Sport Mode allows the driver to revel in the sense of driving pleasure by configuring vehicle characteristics such as acceleration and handling for a sporty drive. Personal Mode offers customers an array of options for creating their own My Mode.

Natural dialogue with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is the digital companion of BMW iDrive with a human-like manner and advanced functionalities. Its new design has a trustworthy and appealing aura and even allows to express different emotions and states of mind non-verbally. An extended pool of data and information enable the digital companion to act according to context. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is not only the vehicle expert to answer questions, but also can control functions and proactively provides tips to the user. It is able to distinguish who is talking and appears at the view of the driver or front passenger.

A warm welcome from vehicle to driver

“Great Entrance Moments” guides the customer to their car, facilitates entry, welcomes them and makes sure they are perfectly prepared for the journey ahead. As soon as the distance between vehicle and key drops below three metres, the vehicle starts to wake up and indicates this with a gradually intensifying, dynamic lighting effect. Once the driver moves within one-and-a-half metres, the vehicle unlocks and signals that it is getting ready to drive by folding out the exterior mirrors. Opening a door activates the seat’s entry assistance feature along with the surface and steering wheel heating. The personal settings from the BMW ID are loaded and a connection is established with the driver’s smartphone while they are still getting into the car.