Ultra-realistic racing feel for home use.

Racing is fascinating because it pushes the boundaries of physics. When g-forces are at work and the driver races down the straight at top speed, lots of adrenalin is released. Sim Racing recreates this incredible feeling, bringing it into everyone's living room. But there are differences. There is sim racing and then there is the ultimate racing experience. This is what the BMW Motion platform, a product of the innovative tech forge RIVALWORKS, provides. Because this hardware masterpiece turns a simulation into BMW's typical sheer racing pleasure.

The BMW Motion Platform is a haptic device, a real technological innovation, a revolution in sim racing. The BMW Motion Platform was developed by BMW SIM Racing in collaboration with the industry heavyweights D-BOX and RaceX. Exclusive know-how from BMW Motorsport’s professional racing simulator is incorporated in the moving platform for sim rigs. BMW SIM technology motion cueing, in particular, takes the quality of the BMW haptic platform to a new level.

But what is motion cueing? Rudolf Dittrich, Head of BMW SIM Technology, provides an explanation: “Motion cueing is a translation of the driving dynamic values arising from the simulation environment into ‘cues’ – transformed stimuli that provide the driver, as precisely and realistically as possible, with information on what the virtual car is doing at that moment. In short, the better the motion cueing, the more realistically the sim racer feels the movements of the haptic platform. It also helps to drive the vehicle at the limit and to develop the vehicle set-up more accurately.”

This makes the BMW Motion Platform the dream device for every sim racer. The use of BMW’s unique heave, roll, yaw and pitch processes combined with haptic feedback means that for the first time, the top-secret motorsport simulator tricks are available for home use. Perhaps this is why Sébastien Mailhot, CEO of D-BOX Technologies Inc., is so enthusiastic about the innovative RIVALWORKS product: “Combined with BMW's unparalleled attention to details and knowledge, we have been able to tinker with the feedback even more precisely, which allowed us to craft the most accurate sim racing experience.“

Many believe that the BMW Motion Platform can even keep up with what only simulators worth millions can do today. Once again, the tech factory RIVALWORKS has done a great job.