Pinnacles of exclusivity: places for races of the super-rich

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Owners of super sports cars like to move in exceptional circles. Join us on a journey of luxurious automotive events at which members of the world’s horsepower jet set meet.

21 November 2019

The Thermal Club: luxurious country club feeling at Palm Springs

Country clubs are an American institution whose origins can be traced back to the 19th century. But today the rich and beautiful no longer get together just for golfing or skiing at exclusive resorts but also for racing on a club-owned track – namely the luxurious Motorsport Thermal Club near Palm Springs, California.

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The Thermal Club encompasses three circuits in total. Created by famous track designer Alan Wilson, they offer club members an unparalleled, no-holds-barred racing experience. The exclusive club’s membership fees start at 100,000 dollars and provide an ample offering of amenities and services in return: the Luxury Car Club membership includes an entertainment programme at the legendary club house, physical fitness facilities including a spa and tennis courts, the club-owned luxury restaurant, plus a racing simulator – but, above all, a fleet of super sports cars to choose from.


Those wishing to join the club’s elite can additionally treat themselves to ownership of one of the villas at the Motorpark – to the tune of some 2 million dollars. Unsurprisingly, the resort refers to itself as the ‘world's premier luxury motorsports club’.

Top Marques: Monaco at its best

Thinking about maximum luxury in minimal space, what location will most likely come to your mind? Obviously, Monaco! So, unsurprisingly, the city state turns into a mecca of super-rich car enthusiasts every April – at Top Marques. In the space of just 14 years the event has become the ‘ultimate luxury car show’, according to American news channel Bloomberg.

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Obviously, apart from countless sports cars, VIPs are highlights at Top Marques. Be it films stars, famous athletes or Russian oligarchs: this is where all of them get together. However, in contrast to the Thermal Club, the general public is admitted here. With a little luck, visitors can get hold of one of the coveted test driving opportunities to be chauffeured around the Formula 1 circuit.

There’s one problem though: hotel rooms during the Top Marques luxury show can easily cost more than a small car. So it may be better to just stop at the show and move on.

Goodwood Festival of Speed: racing like a lord

A country manor in Essex, winding hill roads, exclusive sports cars, from classics through to supercars – welcome to the world-famous Goodwood Festival of Speed.


Lord March has been organising a top-class car racing event on the grounds of Goodwood House since 1993. Initially having attracted only a few thousand visitors, the Goodwood Festival of Speed has grown over the years, now pulling a crowd of up to 200,000 and thrilling spectators with a supercar race, a forest rally, a luxury soapbox race and much more. Even current Formula 1 racing cars are included in the festival.


On the adjacent Goodwood Motor Circuit guests can get behind the wheel of a large selection of BMW M models and follow in the tracks of motorsport icons such as Juan Manuel Fangio or Sir Stirling Moss. Afterwards, at night, the lord’s country manor hosts the legendary party with jet-setting horsepower enthusiasts from film and sports – admission, unfortunately, is by invitation only.

Those who would like to watch events at the four-day Goodwood Festival of Speed anyhow: tickets cost about 175 euros.

Singapore Grand Prix: guest of honour at the world’s most exclusive Formula 1 race

No other racing series exudes such an exclusive flair as the Formula 1. Its drivers are superstars, its circuits legendary – and gathered at the VIP boxes is everyone who’s anyone. Against expectation, though, Monaco, with a price tag of 5,773 euros, does not provide the most expensive box of all. The dearest tickets for more than 6,500 euros are sold for the spectacular night race in Singapore.


An amount that seems totally absurd to most people. But those who can afford it will receive the ultimate all-inclusive package in return. For instance a menu by star chef Nobu Matsuhisa who runs a number of restaurants together with Hollywood star Robert De Niro. In addition, the package includes free admission to an exclusive concert of world-famous bands, the best seats directly above the pit lane – plus, obviously, a meet-and-greet opportunity with the drivers during the after-race party.

A new super sports car

There are some luxuries even the super-rich cannot buy for all the money in the world – such as the BMW Concept 8 Series Coupe that came out in 2017. Even they will have to be patient until the end of 2018 when the successor of the BMW 850i comes into the world. The super-sporty BMW 8 embodies perfect dynamics, timeless elegance and modern luxury.