Chinese Fast Food | Twin Dragon La Habra

Twin Dragon La Habra offers Chinese fast food lovers average food at competitive prices – not lower, just competitive. Located in La Habra at 1202 S. Idaho St. #D La Habra, CA 90631 near the corner of Idaho Street and Imperial Highway, this is a popular fast food venue.

Twin Dragon La Habra offers Chinese fast food lovers above average quality at competitive prices – not higher, not lower, just competitive.

Their prices are higher than their competitors, not competitive with their competitors, but their menu… is the same… competitive with Panda Express and the many other Chinese fast food chains in the area.

We ordered from the menu, one prepared-while-you wait item and one steam table item – both to-go.

The first item was Won Ton Soup. It has to be prepared fresh, so no sooner than the words were out of my mouth and the woks started banging around in the back kitchen area. The kitchen is open to the front and made it entertaining to watch the healthy Won Ton come together. In only a few minutes our large order of Won Ton Soup was delivered to the front counter, steaming hot and smelling delicious. The price for the large Won Ton Soup was a little over $5.00

The second item came from the steam table – Singapore Special Fried Rice. This is a favorite dish, so once this was boxed up, everything was quickly paid for and rushed to the car for transport to our destination. The price for the Singapore Special Noodles was a bit under $5.00 making the total for this meal for two a bit over $10.00. Not bad considering both dishes were generous servings.

The Won Ton Soup, with great flavor and full of chopped meat, chicken, shrimp and vegetables, swimming in a tasty hot broth was delicious. I wish I could say the same for the Singapore Special Noodles. The noodles were dry, obviously having been on the steam table far too long, there were no shrimp and except for a few bits of shredded carrot there really didn’t seem to be much of anything else but the noodles. We were disappointed in this dish.

While some people seem to enjoy this La Habra fast food venue, we ended up with a split decision. Admittedly, what with it being the New Year’s weekend and lots of people being out-of-town, maybe it was just a bad day for steam table items. While, we enjoyed the Won Ton Soup a lot, we ended up giving the Singapore Special Noodles to the support staff at the galactic headquarters of WebMarket West.