Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dogs

Everybody loves a good hot dog and Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dog’s in La Habra is the place to get a Chicago hot dog, Cleveland dog, an OC dog or build your own hot dog and choose from over 30 toppings. Enjoy great food and a fun atmosphere at reasonable prices at Jerry’s Dogs in the Westridge Palza

Everybody loves a good dog and Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dog’s in the La Habra Westridge Plaza is the place to get one… or two or more of your favorite wood grilled gourmet hot dogs.

Wait a minute, gourmet hot dogs?

Yep, that’s right. Good ol’ Jerry O’Connel came all the way from Cleveland, Ohio after researching the fine art of hot dogging in Chicago, New York City and Buffalo – places where people take their hot dogs and sausages very seriously. Thanks to Jerry, La Habra is now home to the best hot dogs in Southern California.

Jerry is convinced that cooking over a wood grill brings out the best flavor possible in his specialty dogs, original recipe sausages and delicious burgers. Order a Chicago dog, Cleveland dog, Pastrami dog (OMG!) from the menu or add your choice of over 30 favorite toppings to a “Build Your Own” dog and see if you agree.

Or you may want to try an OC Dog topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, sliced avocado and ranch dressing. After all, this is Orange County, California, even if the fire trucks say Los Angeles County Fire Department on them. Oh, and it’s not a Dodger Dog, but there’s an LA dog, too. Other menu items include veggie dogs, turkey dogs and homemade potato chips.

While you are there, enjoy Jerry’s hospitality with the all you can eat peanuts and big screen TV’s usually tuned to sports on mute. They also play a lot of really great oldies music that you don’t hear much anymore except on satellite radio.

Head on over to Jerry’s Dogs in the Westridge Plaza shopping mall and treat yourself to a gourmet hot dog in Orange County. The dining area is cozy, a bit on the small side. The prices are affordable.

If your are traveling by bus, public transit connections serving this location are OCTA Bus Route 29 running North and South on Beach Blvd., and OCTA Route 20 running East and West on Imperial Highway.