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This is an audio column about future developments in tech, science, society, and culture. By looking at current trends through the eyes of an expert in their respective field, we discover new perspectives and possibilities. Each speaker shares their individual take on a topic and invites you to join them when they venture a glimpse into the future. Tune in to find new inspiration!

27 May 2022

The future of circularity

Anna Goldhofer is a sustainability specialist for interior parts at the BMW Group and has a mission that is close to her heart: working towards a circular economy. Join Goldhofer as she explains why she believes in the power of individuals who work and act on behalf of big industries to enable change on a larger scale.


The future of visual arts

Dive into the exciting world of visual arts and discover their power – in the past, present and future. Thomas Girst, Global Head of Cultural Engagement at the BMW Group, explores what visual arts mean for our lives today and what they could mean for us in the future.