With #UnitedInRivalry, BMW has opened up a new dimension in esports. The brand has united six rival teams into an almost unbeatable alliance. Okay, they can't stop bantering with each other, but still, the cohesion among the teams is unique in esports. Building on this strong foundation, #UnitedInRivalry is so much more. It is a fascinating world packed with entertainment, fun and unprecedented digital content for a global community. Immerse yourself and expect the unexpected!

Become part of a unique esports movement

To firmly establish itself as a new major player in esports, BMW is partnering six of the world’s top esports organisations. Cloud 9, Fnatic, Funplus Phoenix, G2 Esports, OG Esports and T1 each comprise up to 300 pro players battling it out above all in the incomparable League of Legends, Dota 2 and Valorant. The players and fans of these teams are at the heart of #UnitedInRivalry. Their competitive spirit and historic rivalries have always been part of the esports scene’s lore. At the same time, the teams share a boundless passion for gaming and related activities. This is what #UnitedInRivalry stands for.

As part of the partnership with BMW and in line with esports’ culture, the teams will challenge and try to outdo each other prior to matches, using the #UnitedInRivalry hashtag on channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WeChat and various streaming platforms across the world. These mutual wind-ups are meant to increase each team’s motivation, but above all they also serve to entertain.

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If the teams are the foundation on which #UnitedInRivalry is built, the BMW Esports events are the tip of a pillar. The biggest show that BMW celebrates with its fans is the Berlin Brawl. BMW is making possible what would otherwise seem impossible: Rival players from the six BMW teams face off in a fun tournament alongside the regular matches in a relaxed atmosphere. Even then, they can't help it, bantering and wanting to be the best. That's true #UnitedInRivalry spirit.

With the concentrated power of BMW, anything seems possible. At the BMW Esports Boost at BMW Welt in Munich, the premium car manufacturer succeeded in bringing together some of the most important protagonists in the industry – from experts to publishers to the CEOs of renowned esports organisations. The future of esports was discussed, world premieres celebrated. BMW Welt was the epicentre of esports for one day and has left the industry shaking.

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However, with #UnitedInRivalry, BMW Esports is entering completely new realms, even fictional ones. BMW has sent its six partner teams on a very special journey together; in Japanese artist Acky Bright’s manga, they are the heroes in a fantasy world. They can only make it through the adventures that await them there as one, despite being rivals – making them #UnitedInRivalry. The BMW Esports teams’ story is set in the well-known manga genre of Isekai, in which real-world heroes master challenges in a parallel fantasy environment and have to survive fictional dangers. There are eight episodes of "Heroes of Rivalry" in total and a Christmas special, which can be found at www.bmw.com/heroesofrivalry.

The superheroes in our manga not only develop great power in their adventure, but they also inspire the imagination of every single person.
Stefan Ponikva

Vice President Brand Experience BMW

Vital for #UnitedInRivalry is the careful development of a dedicated BMW Esports community. To be where the fans are, BMW's esports engagement is based on social channels that are commonplace in the scene. BMWEsports is represented on Twitter, Twitch and Discord – as well as on Instagram. One of these platforms regularly stages verbal disputes in true #UnitedInRivalry style: discord.gg/BMWEsports. Players and team officials go head-to-head and discuss roster changes as well as performance at Worlds. #UnitedInRivalry has gained so much momentum in a very short time. The BMW Esports’ adventure has just begun and already developed incredible power. Become part of this movement – stay connected, stay #UnitedInRivalry.

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